By Malabar on 6 July 2018
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A Common condition causing severe head ache and pain on the face and above the eye regions. Frontal and maxillary sinuses are commonly affected and they are blocked due to inflammation.

he condition become worse if not treated properly. Recurrent infection is another hazard if we fail to do the sodhana therapy. In Ayurveda we give equal importance to curative as well as clencing or the sodhana therapy. It is called as Nasya, applying medicines through the the same time we use anti inflammatory anti infective treatments. Even if it is chronic within a week we can give half relief to the patient. A currect follow up is necessary in curing chronic sinusitis.

​After attaining a permanent relief we give some other medication to improve the immune system for preventing further attack and also to strengthen the sinuses. So experience the therapy for Sinusitis exclusive for Malabar Ayurveda.

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