News on Turmeric

The raw plant, which looks like a ginger root, is often ground into a brilliant yellowish-orange powder to add colorful pizzaz to South Asian dishes, such as vegetable curries or chicken tikka masala.

But health-conscious (and trend-obsessed) diners are increasingly adding the spice to their lattes cold-pressed juices and other edibles to tap into turmeric's purported anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits.

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Need Help to Lose Weight?


From the perspective of Ayurveda, losing weight is not about starving or suppressing the appetite. It is about balancing your fat metabolism. Balance is the key and with a therapy which is tailor made to suit your constitution.

Who is eligible for the program?

  • Above a BMI of 25 (BMI (kg/m²)
  • Above a waist to hip ratio of 1
  • Apple & Pear type obesities
  • Overweight / Obesity related to thyroid & hormone imbalances

How is it done at Malabar Ayurveda exclusively in authentic way?

  • Lifestyle modification - Dietetics & Exercise
  • Treat the causes of weight gain (eg. Hormonal imbalance, thyroid, PCOD)
  • External therapies for inch lose & cellulite reduction
  • Herbs to increase metabolism & deplete fat (eg: guggulu, silajith etc)
  • Therapies to prevent complications associated with Overweight & Obesity (Osteoarthritis, varicose veins, hiatus hernia, gall stones, hypertension, Ischemic heart disease, stroke, diabetes)
  • Advise on Yoga therapy – Postures & Breathing

Slimming therapies at Malabar Ayurveda

  • Udgharshanam - It’s a massage with herbal powder; unlike other therapies, the strokes are done upwards and against the hair follicles.
  • Udvarthanam – The therapist work hard to break down those menacing fatty layers by massaging the body with special herbal powders.
  • Dhanyamla Dhara – For inch loss - Fermented medicated liquid having sharp and hot potency is poured over the body as a gentle stream, along with gentle massage.
  • Kizhi – Massage with warm herbal compresses
  • Body Wrap - Detoxifying the body through body wrapping not only creates inch loss and shrinking, it is also an excellent addition to any weight loss program.
  • Vasti – Enema - Cleansing and evacuation procedure of body toxins
  • Virechanam - Purgation therapy to evacuate and cleanse the intestine.

Benefits of the Program

  • Healthy weight reduction – without complications
  • Lose up to 4-6 kilogram in a month – depending on the body type & health issues
  • Zero side effects - 100% safe treatments
  • Treat the causes of weight gain, not just the fat or water retention
  • Treat complications of obesity
  • Treat skin sag / stretch marks associated with weight loss.
  • Long term effect by balancing metabolism and by treating the root cause
  • Healthy weight reduction – without complications; a total health management
  • Person centric approach instead of One bullet for All
  • Balance metabolism

How to enrol in for the program?

Spine Care Program


This program includes special treatments for neck pain and low back pain due to various conditions like muscular conditions, Spondylosis, Spondylitis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Disc problems etc. Our doctors and therapists are specially trained in the management of acute disc prolapse, spondylosis and sciatic pains. After the acute management, the proneness to relapse of back pains is higher while your muscles and ligaments are weaker or while the degenerative changes are on. Our spine care program includes traditional therapies like kizhi, kativasthy, greeva vasthy, lepam, pichu, vasthy etc alongside exercise and yoga strengthen your spinal muscles and prevent degenerative changes.