By Malabar on 2 June 2018
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Dementia is a disorder that damages the brain cells. Beginning with short term memory loss leading to inability to self-care. It can cause hallucinations, violent behaviour and mood swings. To care these patients requires compassion, understanding and patience. As it damages the brain cells further progress of the disease can be controlled by #Ayurvedic treatments. This can be achieved by different types of herbal medicines in a particular media. For the neurological conditions #Ayurveda widely use the fatty media. This will help the medicine to reach the target organ, the brain. Thus the curability also higher than any other systems.

The Indian traditional system of medicine, #Ayurveda incorporates external and internal use of medicaments at the same time. We use the #Panchakarma therapy for cleansing the body. The nervous system also can be purified by these therapies. From the very ancient time itself #Ayurveda gives much importance to prevention. Here also the same effective, we can prevent these types of diseases by modifying the life style, the daily routine including the food habits.

We the Team MALABAR WELLNESS & AYURVEDA is fully equipped with all the facilities to treat these kinds of neurological conditions.

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